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You've been dreaming of the perfect place to say 'I do' but you're just not sure where it is yet. We can help you find your dream venue for your ceremony and reception. We will have a detailed meeting to find out what your dreams are and then provide you with up to 3 venues that match your criteria as closely as possible. At this stage our job is done or we can also accompany you to the venues and make sure all the right questions are answered and all the right boxes are  ticked.

You just have to have that certain 'je ne sais quoi' but you're not sure where to start or you just haven't got the time to search hundreds of potential suppliers. We will take instruction from you on your exact requirements and provide up to 3 suppliers who match your requirements. We will also provide a list of the vital questions you will need from your supplier and a breakdown of their availability.

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Prices from £100

Prices from £60 per supplier